Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cold Weather Solution: House Party!

Autumn and winter are very cold seasons. Snow, rain and wind seems to be one of the only things we can find on the streets. On top of all of this, the darkness falls very early. But please don’t worry about that, if you do not feel comfortable outside, prepare a flat party!

First, plan your party for when your parents are away from home. After that, call your friends and if your house is big enough, ask them to bring just one more person with them. But remember, do not let it get out of hand; don’t announce it by social networks!!

Meet with them to collect money to buy some important stuff (food, drinks, plastic plates and glasses, etc.). In these occasions the best food is ready meals and fast food; nice, easy and quick!

Later on, choose your favourite music and leave it in the computer you’re going to use. I recommend rock, pop and electro music because this tends to please anyone.

Move all furniture (or anything that makes dancing difficult) anything valuable that could be broken or stained.

And that’s it- call your friends to get to your house as soon as possible to start the party and just be concerned about enjoying your evening.

You can follow more tips on The House Party People, but do not get stuck too much!

My best advice is that if the party can be carried out in a friend’s house, it’s better than yours!

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