Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Celebrate a new start!

It might seems like a cliché, but the start of a new year really is the best time to make a new start in life! Instead of taking the same resolutions over and over and putting yourself under pressure because you failed to keep them last year, use this January to start things over and change your ways. Instead of just promising that you will spend less time moaning about how annoying is your boss, or spend more time with your family, make it your goal to change your way of thinking and seeing things.

Start over with a positive attitude

The fact is that most of our bad habits are the results of something that is wrong in our life and attacking the cause is more efficient than trying to change the consequences. So, take the opportunity of a new year to clean your slate and start over with a more positive attitude. This starts by seeing January as the dawn of your new life instead as a depressing month reminiscing about the past holidays. Celebrate this new start by acknowledging every little victories and trying to see things with new eyes.

Make significant changes


As much as we celebrate the birth of a baby, let's welcome the new year as a chance to change things for the best. If you think that you are smoking or drinking too much, look for signs that triggers these actions and act on them rather than getting obsessed by trying to stop smoking or drinking. If you want to be healthier, change your lifestyle instead of focusing only on your diet and on going to the gym.

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